Mung dal-badam halwa

Mung dal(split green lentil) is usually associated with savoury dishes like dal tadka, methi-mung, mung khichdi. However, I love it’s sweet side as well. I had never prepared this dal in sweet form earlier. I remember my mami/maushi(aunts) making dudhi(bottle gourd) halwa , I never ever tried it thinking how could one making halwas’ of things meant for bhajis'(vegetable). Well that was me, as a kid. Now that I am a mum and think of various ways of providing calories and proteins to my almost a teenage boy..I have done the same thing. No, not with dudhi, but with mung dal. I tried adding in ground almond as well to give it a rich,grainy texture and taste.

I referred to quite a number of recipes ranging from Tarla Dalal to Manjula. A tweak here and there, but tastes delicious.

You will need

Equal quantities of mung dal(soaked in water for at least 6 hours), sugar, warm milk and warm water.

Ghee 6 tablespoons

Ground almonds 1 cup(optional)

Saffron strands soaked in warm milk

Cardamom powder 1 tsp

Chopped nuts(any liked almonds,pista etc) for garnishing

Soak the dal for at least 6 hours, drain and grind to a smooth paste without adding water. In case you need, add a little milk(try avoiding it as much as possible)

Heat a pan, add ghee into the pan. Once the ghee is warm, add in the mung dal paste and ground almonds.  Lower the heat.Stir in the ghee very well using a spatula. The paste will gain a light brown tint. Add in the milk and water(make sure they are warm or else cold liquids will stop the halwa from cooking) and mix well. You will see that the liquids are very well absorbed. Add the sugar and cook on low flame. At some point the ghee starts separating.  This is when your dish is ready. Add in the cardamom powder and saffron and mix.Switch off the heat.

Serve warm. You may serve it with chilled sweet fruits(I served it with tinned peaches) or ice-cream.

I was so much tempted with the colour and the aroma of this delicacy that I tried it twice before the guest arrived. The guest did get it as a dessert but life is uncertain, so I ate my dessert first!!!:)

Sorry A mama!! I ate it first when you were here:)


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