My right handed pops!!!

Painful shoulders,aching arms and pin and needles in my fingers made me feel so low for the last few days. The doctor fears it is cervical spondilitis. Today atleast my right arm has recovered. Can’t go to work, sit back and watch television …how boring!!! I checked if I could move my right hand fingers…they need to be useful!! Yes, they could. Hence decided to do something different. I am typing this post with one hand…my handy hand:))

I had a block of sponge sitting on the table. Some buttercream and a slab of white chocolate and thousands and hundreds made this handy. Sorry guys I can’t write a long post tonight.

I want to bounce back to baking, cooking and my work with full swing. I am missing my students a lot!! I keep checking my watch and recall all the lessons during that hour. Think of the individual students and that makes me sad.

But I am resting well,hopefully will see them very soon. Every cloud that sails has a silver lining….every bad situation has some good aspect to it. It has given me a signal that I need to love life and live to the fullest and most important…exercise . A small pain is not the end of the world.

Check the little pops . I am waiting for your feedbacks!! This was a kind of an exercise for my palms and I am sure I will be alright to write the next post very soon.


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