Village special…event announcement

I am so happy and feel very satisfied…had a lovely break and start my work tomorrow. This Easter break, I had a spring cleaning done, arranged and did DIY decor of my living room with minimum resources I had(which includes my lovely Paithani saree), invited atleast 7 families for dinner/lunch, posted a few posts here, made every meal special for my family, painted a lot of paintings, read a bit and chatted at length with my lovely husband and baby(12 year old), attended to musical shows, ate out….gosh the list is endless!! The main attraction was my blog…love my blog and my virtual friends. This blog will be a year old in July. I thought I should start the celebration well in advance. Hence announcing an event “Village special” .

Villages in India form a major identity. People are deeply rooted to their villages that they do not wish to make a move to another. At least I do mention, even after a move to Kolkata to Kolhapur and then Pune and finally to England about “our village” now a town in India. It is a wonderful world where you can avail the rich source of milk,vegetables and fruit. Even I like buying my spices when I visit my place. Love the gavran vegetables especially the aubergines and green tomatoes. There so much of a bliss sitting in the cool angan(porch)with a glass of tea in winters and tak(buttermilk) in the summers!! I am sure you all must have some excerpts to share as well. Share your experiance and spread the word to other bloggers and non-bloggers as well. Join in preparing the authentic flavours of particular zone you belong to. Let us all visit our beautiful Indian villages through this event.


1) Please  send in recipes that are special in your or others villages . Mention something special about that village and how did you come to know of this recipe.Special facts about the recipe. Bloggers and non-bloggers both are welcome to take part.

2) Post it in your blog with the link back to the event.

3) Feel free to use the logo.(not a must)

4) Send in any number of entries.

5) Send your entries to

  •  Name of the recipe
  •  URL
  •  Photograph of your dish
  •  Fact about Village

Rush your entries before May 31,2011.


13 thoughts on “Village special…event announcement

  1. Preeti, Good luck with your event. Theme is very interesting. I however, won’t be able to do much since I was raised in a city all the way. I can however think about something that they make in the village if that is acceptable. I answered the question about cake serving on the blog. Check it out when you want to.

    1. Thanx Champa. Well, do not worry if you are brought up in a city/town. Even I was raised in a city. But used to visit my relatives in villages. So the staples from such visits are still fresh in mind. If you have similar dishes to share, that would be great.

  2. My my this is a fabulous theme announcement…made by u dear… i literally have to scratch my head to recollect something with which i can participate here….i really want to…will try 200% to send in my entry…..

  3. Great event. I have visited several villages in India and live in a village in UK now so should be able to think of something!! It’s a shame that so many of the Indian villages are now becomimg cities. I’ll never forget the love and affection shown to me in some of the Indian villages.

  4. long was your break that you could do so much? I wish I were like you. Teach me some of your secrets. By the way, your village description made me nostalgic. I don’t have any such experiences as my parents were uprooted from Bangladesh during India’s independence :-(..but I always longed for such village charm as Apu, Aparajita, Kajol (Apu’s Trilogy by Satyajit Ray and I am referring to the original book) book written by Bibhutibhushon Bannerjee is my favorite book. That’s why I now immerse myself in gardening. How about you? Do you do any gardening?

  5. Honu, my break was for 3 weeks(including the Royal wedding)!! A lot was preplanned before the break started and the implementation was easier then. Haven’t read Apu’s Trilogy…will try grabbing it once. I wasn’t raised in a village(MBGHS Kolkata was where I spent my childhood) but yes, had quite a number of opportunities visiting villages in remember some cuisines, plus some village dishes are still prepared in our hometown kitchen. Gardening….that’s my hubby’s department:))

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