Straight from the heart of Maharashtra… Hounslow

Which is the favourite vegetarian fast food in Maharashtra? How many of us lived on this dish during our school and college days ? The rains in the monsoons made us all crave for a batch of vada pavs and steaming hot chaha(tea)!! The ginger and chillies in the  mashed potatoes taste divine when put together with pav and the chutneys specially made for this dish. It used to be “poor man’s food”, but not anymore.  Even the rich and famous can be spotted eating it at Maharashtra’s  roadside food stalls!  I missed all the fun of parking our car by Joshi vada pav by Balgandharva in Pune. Even though there was a rush at the joint, all the guys make sure you get a piping hot vada pav with fried hirvi mirchi !!! But I wont miss it now, guess why? No, I am not making any in my kitchen:)) 

We went to a newly established Indian snack joint in Hounslow!!  Subodh and Sujay, young lads who have been working at Hilton for 9 years own this joint. This is their first attempt to carve a niche in food market for Marathi cuisine.  Shri Krishna Vada Pav Centre has an ideal location. It is located on the High Street and makes it convenient for anyone on a shopping spree.

We just loved the Vada pavs served piping hot ….swept me straight to Pune!!! I absolutely love their specially made chutney(dry coconut-garlic). My hubby ordered bhel puri and cheese kachchi dabeli as well!!

We had stuffed ourselves so much that there was hardly any chance that we could taste Misal pav:(  There always is a next time, that’s what we consoled ourselves.  We are absolutely in praise for these guys.

The best part was the price list..check it out in the pictures….. I could just say..Here is the best way to a Foodies heart!!

If you are in and around London, please do visit this place. It reminds one of any snack centre in Maharashtra..these guys I am sure are working towards it’s furnishing etc.

I am visiting Garja Maharashtra Majha( a musical programme where singer Avdhoot Gupte, Saleel Kulkarni and loads of other artists are in London) next month. I am doubly looking forward to this event because Shri Krishna is coming up with their Food stall!!!

Well done Sujay and Subodh. We at Isingcakes wish you two the very best in this new venture. I am waiting for the day when you have a few more dishes like Sabudana wada/khichdi, pohe, thalipith and Punyachi Mastani!!

Here is their address: Shree Krishna Vadapav Centre

115-119 A &B Hounslow High Street

Opposite Costa Coffee


There is also a mention about this centre in my page on Facebook. The link is

Please get an update about Shree Krishna Vada Pav here


3 thoughts on “Straight from the heart of Maharashtra… Hounslow

  1. Unfortunately i do not share the author’s hyper-rated positive opinion about Shri Krishna wada pav. Late last week I ordered a dozen and half batata vadas from them. I was left aghast when my guests complained that the vadas were stale and had to be trashed. Also vadas bought on the same day at the same time tasted inconsistent. Some were very hot and spicy while some others were bland. I leave it to the readers discretion to figure out the reasons behind this inconsistent taste.
    Foodies can visit better place on the Hounslow high street. Shri Krishna vada pav deserves no more than 2 on a scale of 5.

    1. Dear Hemraj,,

      Many thanks for your honest constructive feedback. Its very rare to find a guest who is genuinely concerned for others well being. We here at Shree Krishna Vada Pav thrive on it and constantly try and improve ourselves as per our guests needs.

      I’m dearly sorry if the quality of food was not satisfactory for you. We constantly try and deliver the best and an exception is no excuse.

      At this note, may I invite you for lunch/dinner again. And may I request you to inform anyone at the counter about your arrival.

      Yours sincerely,
      Shree Krisna Vada Pav

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