Easter break…more time for DIY decor at home!!!

This Easter break, I have been keeping myself busy with all the things I like doing. It is watching food shows, baking, painting, listening to the music, meeting friends and cooking for them!! It is so much brighter and warm with the Sun shining almost everyday. I am keeping a close watch on the apple tree in our garden. It’s adorned with white flowers at present and sooner we will have the tree laden with huge number of apples. 

I’ve opened all my cartons full of sarees and loads of other stuff which I love. Some sarees are new and others are amongst my first set of sarees. I have a Paithani saree, beautiful one which my parents bought at the time of my wedding. Paithani sarees are uniquely woven. For more about these silk sarees read here. I treasured this saree and brought it all the way to UK. I love the intricate design on the border and the pallu. Mine has a peacocks on the border. A part of the border looks a bit tired though. I was sad but did not wish discard it at any cost.  At the same time, my house needed a splash of colour around. It looked like an old diary….a little thinking and a quick trip to the pound shop and hey presto I waved a magic wand in my living room!!!

Here is a peep into the DIY decor I did …..The pallu has dorned my walls now. Rest of the saree, I use to bind the long cream curtains on the side. It has created a different look altogether. At least I am loving the new look of my living room:)


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