A book review….

I am reading Freaks, Geeks & Asperger Syndrome. It is a remarkable book from a 13 year old unique boy.  Luke Jackson, the author explains the need of diagnosis and adopts a positive approach,he writes,” I have what some people would call disability but I call a gift”.

It is an elaborate journey of a teenaged boy who has a diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome. It is his personal explanation of emotions, transitions and decisions of a young person and how explosive it can be if a person has Asperger Syndrome.

I am amazed …my reaction is simple admiration for his description of emotions that any child goes through…and how it effects any AS child in a different way. All I say is it is educational and therapeutic !! I just love reading it.  I want to remember this book for ever hence this post.Also, my posts would help me cascade my thoughts to my friends and my next generation.


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