Summer berries smoothie on rasgulla

Spring has just knocked the door, however I am already thinking about Summer. The bright sunshine, sunscreen, hats, shades, and cropped trousers gives one such a different look. The best part is, you are no longer loaded with thick jackets, caps and gloves.


A sip of cool drink or smoothie brings in all the hydration in the body and instant activeness. A smoothie diet also offers a hunger-reducing plan that ensures you never feel those extreme hunger pangs and never fall off the weight loss wagon.

Here is a refreshing smoothie that I made using frozen summer berries. You may use fresh berries if you wish.


You will need:

150 g fresh berries

1 cup of hung yoghurt(hang the yoghurt in a muslin for an hour to drain away the excess whey)

1 cup of single cream

3 tablespoons of sugar(optional)

Rasgulla(optional, you may have smoothie without rasgulla)

Blend all the ingredients together. In a glass/wine glass, place 1 or 2 rasgullas. Pour the smoothie over it and tap the glass. Serve with a few berries decorated on top. Make sure you have a spoon to dip in for the yummy rasgullas’ in your smoothie..believe me it tastes devine…try making mango smoothie..all the more relishing..:)



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