Rasgulla…a sweet Bong connection

Roshgullas are the best part in any Bengali meal. I remember as a child, I would look forward to gulp in half a dozen of them when a clay bowl full of these sweet, juicy balls arrived from any sweet shop…be it Mouchak, K.C. Das or any small shop in the little lanes of Kakulia Road in Kolkata. How I wished I could have  a job in one of these sweet shops…not for the sake of working, but my little mind believed, I could indulge into Roshgullas anytime of the day if I worked in any of these shops!!!

I remember my mother made these a couple times in the pressure cooker during our long stay in Bengal. Time just drifted then on and we moved into Maharashtra and now am in UK….far from the lovely goodies at home. At times I crave for tangy, spicy bhel and panipuris and few other times its the simple meal of steaming hot rice with ghee and a simple dal yet at some other time(most often I must say) it’s the craving for the sweets…sandesh, chamcham, rosgulla 🙂

I am missing Kolkata and all my friends since a couple of months…cause I found them on FB. Since then all I hear is Robindrosongeet and think Bong food, breath of cherished Bong connections I had….and come Friday a cousin checked if I could make rosgullas in the special jaggery available in Bengal. I said, I haven’t tried anytime, but it is worth a try…and hence I researched for these yummiest dessert…and circled down to Manjula’s recipe. I had some useful tips from Preeoccupied and Bongmom as well. Thanks ladies. I also recalled Ganpati Bappa n number of times during the whole process of preparing Roshgullas.

This is how I made my roshgullas:

4 cups of whole milk

2 tablespoons of lemon juice, with a tablepoon of water

4.5 cups of water

1.5 cups of sugar

cardamom powder

Preparation of Chena:

Bring the milk to boil. Turn of the heat. Add in the diluted lemon juice slowly into the boiled milk. Stir the milk slowly while you add the lemon juice. When the cheese/chena/paneer separates from the whey, drain it in a muslin and wash in cold water. This will do away with the any lemon juice and it’s smell. Squeeze out the water nice and tight. Place the chena under some weight for about an hour. I placed a 5kg rice bag on it.

Knead the chena with hands if you can. I used my small blender and made my chena into a nice soft chena. This then is rolled into small balls.

Preparation of sugar syrup:(personally I found the measure of water a lot…but didn’t risk anything for this time)

Mix the sugar and water in a pressure cooker. Place it on medium heat, stir till all the sugar dissolves.  Add the cardamom powder.

Place the chena balls in this syrup. Pressure cook till one whistle. Immediately bring the pressure cooker under running tap water to release the steam.  Open and check out the delights!!!!!


4 thoughts on “Rasgulla…a sweet Bong connection

    1. Thanks Sayantani…but I am sure you make the yummiest of them..and you are in Kolkata now….so much easy for you to grab a bowl in Mouchak…Ganguram etc…:)

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