Pancakes for Shrove Tuesday

Come Spring and we look forward to loads of activities at school. This week, we made pancakes for food technology as well as in numeracy…food technology for the subject and in numeracy it was just for fun!! Shrove Tuesday is the last day before the Christians call a period called Lent. Traditionally pancakes are eaten on this day. Traditionally it is the day when all the eggs and butter are finished from the kitchen before the period of Lent. In this period they shun from eating these. Shrove Tuesday is normally 47 days before Easter Sunday.

I made them on Ash Wednesday though for my son. He enjoyed it such an extent that I had to make another bowl of batter!! Pancakes in England, Blinis in Russia,crepes in France are surprisingly quite easy to make with the normal ingredients of flour, eggs and milk. These are mixed in measured quantities and the best part is the flipping of these pancakes!! These landed on different surfaces at school and hence in the bins…while  a few managed doing them perfectly! It was all fun. The children enjoyed the pancakes with sugar and lemon, some had a drizzle of honey and I enjoyed it with golden syrup….all I can say is, it was divine…..warm pancakes with melting golden syrup…ummm 🙂

If you wish to indulge into the divinity here is the path to it…

You will need the simple ingredients as follows:

Milk 300 ml

Plain flour 125 g

Eggs 1

Oil for greasing the pan between each pancake.

Sieve the flour in a bowl. Make a small well in it and whisk in the egg. Add in a little milk at a time and mix well. Mix the batter well to do away the lumps. Place a pan on the gas to heat. When it is hot, add a little oil. Pour a ladle full of batter into the hot pan and spread the batter evenly in the pan. Let it cook for a minute. You will see the sides separating from the pan. Using a flipping spatula, turn the pancake over. If you are adventurous, once the pancake is made loose all around, try flipping it over by giving a quick jerk to the pan handle. Cook for half a minute on the other side. Place it on a plate. You may spread chocolate sauceor a spread/toffee sauce/honey and roll it over. Add in a dollop of whipped cream for utter fun. Traditionally these are eaten with sugar sprinkled over and a drizzle of lemon juice.


3 thoughts on “Pancakes for Shrove Tuesday

  1. Clicked in here from Sayantani’s blog. You have a nice blog here , liked the clean look.

    Liked this pancake recipe too…my husband loves all kinds of pancakes and i keep experimenting with them…

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