Kalighat painting and my new inspiration Jamini Roy

Last night, Preeoccupied shared a video on FB. It was a beautiful Rabindrasangeet which I heard after more than a period of 2 decades. I listened to it as many times as I could before I went to sleep. It had a beautiful video as well, colourful collection of Kalighat paintings. I watched the video everytime I played the song.

So much hooked on I was to this song, that this morning when I had to stay back home from work, I decided to devote my time to know more about kalighat paintings. I listened to a loads of Rabindrasangeet as I did a research on Kalighat painting and Jamini Roy. It was such a nostalgic day for me. I recalled all my dances learnt and performed at different occasions at my school. Whether it was “phagun legeche boney boney”, “chaitalli chadini ratey”,” amra shobai raja”, “dhitang dhitang bole”, “megher kole rod utheche….ahahaha…” Here is a glimpse of Bodhu kon alo laglo choke shared by Pree on FB.

I am absolutely in love with Jamini Roy’s work. I wish I had spent a little time knowing about his work during my school days.  Whether it is his Santhal boy with drum, the cats sharing a prawn or the ladies in sarees. I loved the Bengali woman in the following painting.

Each has a beautiful expression through it’s strokes, lines and the lotus eyes…very bold themes and contemperory thinking. I was awestruck …loved all the prominence of warm and primary colours in a single painting…very appealing. I could hardly wait..picked up my painting tray, brushes and a sheet. I think I did a fair job. I will try and paint some more of Jamini Roy’s work and try and imbibe more from his work.


7 thoughts on “Kalighat painting and my new inspiration Jamini Roy

  1. beautifully done Preeti. love the shadings on this picture. between if you like Rabindra sangeet then try to watch the bengali serial Ganer opare on star Jalsa. Rituparno ghosh started this project though now he is not associated with it but still the serial retain that old world bengali touch.

  2. nice attempt. but you need to work harder on your brush strokes. they have the feeling but lack the boldness and determination.

  3. I am a design student, and as a part of an illustration project, I need to depict the life history timeline of a Indian I admire, ofcourse I chose Jamini Roy. As a part of my research, I stumbled upon your article and it made me happy how non-art students also take time and read up about great artists such a himself. Thanks for the post, ma’am!

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