Chocolate brownies…my sheer indulgence!!

It has been two long months that I have not been posting….I am so sorry:( Post Christmas both work and family kept me busy. My son had a fractured toe, thanks to his football practice and at school, things were pretty tight. We had a multicultural week scheduled in the last week of the term. I had the opportunity to set a Diwali mela during this week. We had loads of fun….henna painting, dressing up in sarees and kurtas- turbans, kathputli, writing names in Hindi on bookmarks, chana chaat for snacks, and display of Indian deities, jewelleries, musical instruments, crafts, kitchen utensils and most important ….we all danced on Bollywood music!!!!
I visited my brother in Scotland in the first half of my term break….quite a relaxing beginning. It gave me so much of time to unwind….played scrabble and UNO and guess what listened to Geeta Dutt n- number of times.
Break time and holidays mean a lot to me apart from relaxing….it’s the most important time when I can bake, cook and blog!!! SO here I am…Der aye, durust aye…:) Sorry folks for keeping you waiting for so long.
I have a list of drafts to clear since Sankranti….but here is my first indulgence….chocolate brownies….sinfully sweet yet yummy.

I went through Jamie Oliver’s recipes and prepared the simplest and yummiest brownies. Possibly next time I bake these, I shall include the nuts and make them superior to the ones on my table at the moment. So here you go my friends for the chocolate brownies….

250g unsalted butter

200g  chocolate(broken)

80 g sifted coco powder

65 g sifted plain flour

1 tsp baking powder

4 eggs

350 g castor sugar

Break the eggs and beat one at a time. Add in the sugar and mix till pale yellow. Melt the butter and chocolate on a double boiler. In a separate bowl, mix the plain flour, baking powder and the baking powder. Add in the melted butter and chocolate to this dry mix. Add this mixture to the egg and sugar mix and fold in.

Pour in the brownie mix into a greased tray and bake at 180 degrees for 20-30 mins. Cut the brownies into squares and drizzle some chocolate sauce and enjoy!!!!


5 thoughts on “Chocolate brownies…my sheer indulgence!!

  1. Hey Girl, I am honu from MB gangs on FB. Don’t use my real name here ;-). I am using KL as my name because that is my blog name. But guess what, I am so out of date with blogs that I have even forgotten their addresses; need to look up.

    But yaar, that picture and recipe looks so yuuuuummmmmyyyyyyyyy…I love chocolate brownies. I am so glad to hear about the fun you had for Diwali. I wish I was near some MB Gang to do all these.

    Keep blogging; lovely blog; will tell you once i cook up the cranberries according to your recipe.

    1. Thanks KL….I hope you find your blog addresses very soon….yes I had a loads of fun at my work with both the staff and the students…I too miss MBGHS least found them virtually, not sure if I can meet them anytime though…..

  2. love brownies and am hooked to the rich brown colour of your goodies. between is that Rachel Allen’s ‘bake’ peeping through under the platter. am planning to buy one book on baking (both sweet and savory), please suggest me a good one.

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