Badam Sheera

Last week’s illness has left me feeling weak in my knees. I wanted to make something to revitalise me. Since it is winter and I had a packet of ground almonds lying in my pantry to be used since Diwali, I decided to make almond candies. By the time I got up and started, I changed my mind. Instead of making candies, I made a rich, wholesome sheera.

The aroma of ghee lingered in my house I started roasting the ground almonds. I could feel the energy filling me, getting me back to my normal life, my normal way of enjoying my kitchen chores…at last the new year had started with a sweet note in my kitchen I thought!!

For this I used a partially used pack of ground almonds(It had about 300g of ground almonds). Apart from this I used

1/2 cup ghee

3/4 cup warm milk

1 cup castor sugar(you may use more if you like more sweet taste)

Cardamom powder 1 tsp

In a pan, heat ghee on a medium flame. Add the ground almond. Roast the ground almonds in ghee. Have enough  patience as it needs some time till it’s roasted and a lovely aroma fills your house. Add in the sugar and mix. Add the warm milk. Stir. Add in the cardamom powder and stir. Keep stirring the mixture on a medium flame.  Make sure you keep stirring..cause nazar hati….. durghatna ghati..:) . The sheera will take it’s form and consistency in some time.

Serve it warm or cold. You may keep it packed in a container. It will last for a week. I did the same and  am eating 1 tablespoon every morning and giving the same to everyone at home.  So here’s to a healthy year!!!

I am taking tips for photography from my husband…these are two of my best clicks during my lesson this week with him..Sayantani thank you all your supportive tips!!


7 thoughts on “Badam Sheera

  1. ohh the first picture is beautiful Preeti. love the arrangements and those bowls are so beautiful. love almond kheer but sheera is new to me. will try this recipe for my son. everyone tells me to give him badam and he does not like anything sweet. hope if I freeze it like candies he will give in.
    between just saw your mail, donnt know why all your mails are going to the spam folder.

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