Bye 2010,hi 2011…Memories in the making

The festive time of the year is full of traditions, rituals and memories….imagine Diwali and going to work, well if you are not in India yes you would need to 😦  but we all get together and follow our traditions, wake up early for abhyang snan and fresh smelling goodies made at home are all the rituals we follow. I remember as a child, my birthday was a kind of a festival for me and other festivities lasted for almost half a year starting after Shravan….Ganesh festival, followed by Navratra and Durga Puja, Diwali/Kali Puja and after a little break the Yuletide mood set in. Not many photographs were captured those days, but the memories are there in our minds and hearts…the happiest memories are all the special time spent with my family and friends. This is what makes it special to us.

Things have changed slightly now, I mean the tradition, rituals remain the same, but the memories are made everlasting by all the technical revolutions….cameras, mobiles etc. I found blogging as the best way to save memories for the next generation. It is just 5 months old(started blogging on the 27th July 2010) and am glad I started this. I would have never I had so many friends at a time with similar interests! It is an enriching experiance exchanging views with all the food bloggers, sharing my creations and experiances with them…boosting each others confidence. All my friends are there to guide me when I need help and they care for me and shower their love when I am not ticking at the right rhythm…isn’t that fantastic!!

It all started with a slight liking for cooking that I started writing recipes in a book when I came to UK. Next it was an attraction towards a lovely cake decoration done by Dreamcakes for my mum’s birthday, that I started baking last April(8 months back). I have cooked and baked with special care.

Now it is time to bid a loving goodbye to 2010. This year has been quite an eventful for me all because of this blog. I am trying my best to get hold of new ways of trying cooking, baking and recording all other likings I have. I have got a collection of English classic recipes collected from colleagues at work(some dating back to eighties,P also got a recipe from his dinner lady at school  for me). I would like to increase the treasures of my recipes and record them in blog. I love watching Rachel Allen’s shows and would like to have the skills like her in terms of cooking, baking and presentation. Presentation is equally important and hence I am going to ponder upon this subject more and learn some photography from my husband.

I am sending this to Srivalli for this year’s recap.

I have cooked and baked with special care. Baking was my priority when I was in the kitchen and my best of cakes so far are


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