Young bakers….and been tagged!!

Click on the picture to check out the adventure they had….

Guys I was tagged by Sayantani recently with 8 questions. I was a bit tied up before my Christmas break started and later last week I was arranging an adventure for me.A friend A (met her only a few months back) arranged a Christmas party at her place and I had the opportunity to conduct baking activities for the kids ranging from 4  till 8 yrs!! I must say it was all fun. I had another Christmas baking workshop at my place last two days.

These Young bakers worked really hard and they baked chocolate cupcakes, gingerbread cookies and set a finger gateau for themselves!!! In another Young Bakers activity at my place they made gingerbread house too!! It gave me immense pleasure to hear technical words like creaming, whipping, whisking, sieving and setting from them….all in all a beautiful experiance for me. Back to Sayantani’s queries….This interview is described as a rolling interview by Anthony at Flavorful World Food and drink Blog  to get to know our fellow food lovers and giving  new comers  to our respective sites a chance to see what makes us tick . I would like to thank Sayantani for passing it over to me. I would have never, ever stopped, pondered over these 8  facts. And guys I am sharing some of my candle work I did a few years back in this post…..I plan to try and make some here in UK sometime.

What are your favorite regional cuisines or specific foods?

Candle with Bay leaf and lentils.

My favourite regional cuisines are basically from Maharashtra where I was born and Bengal where I was brought up. I have a special mention for Chinese and Thai cuisines. Amongst desserts, I just love anything from all over the world!!

If you could have any four people, from any where at your place for dinner, who would they be?

A set of mosaic candles.

My aai(mum), baba(dad), aai(mum-in-law), kaka(father-in-law).I am sure, it will definitely surprise my parents to see a I-won’t- enter-the-kitchen girl to what I am today and for my in-laws…not so confident daughter-in-law who would shy away from Puran poli to any traditional cooking in Pune  and now when I cook for 30-40 people in UK’s kitchen at times will definitely stun them!!

What made you decide to start your site?

Wax bowl with tea light.

All my experiments in my kitchen seemed to turn into successful dishes on our dining table. This boosted quite a lot of confidence. I am always on a look out for something new…that’s my nature you see! My regular job at the special needs school and my passion in creation is grooming me into a complete and a different “ME”. I am absolutely in love with my “ME” personality. I wanted to record all my bits and parts in my kitchen and other creative things I do…..cakes being my recent passion….Isingcakes was created.

Give your Top 4 Food blogs that inspire you the most

Kundan work on candles.

Gosh this is tricky…..all food bloggers are doing an amazing job. I just love all of them…..but yes, I visit the following blogs regularly to draw positive vibes:





How would you describe your site to new readers?

Bejewelled candles.

Isingcakes is my second baby. I am trying my best to nurture it. All my inputs are absolutely honest and my little steps towards confidence. It is my way of virtually connecting with quite a lot of talented bloggers out there. At times, I dream of my grandchildren reading  my blog and trying out something from their granny’s collection.:) This is a gift to my family in future.

What’s the best and worst thing about being a food blogger?

Blue set.

Best part is when you get all the appreciations and people wish to try out the recipes. Sometimes people inspire motivation from blogs. Best thing is, you are in a constant quest and trying out different things to make it better.

Worst thing could be when there are spam comments. It hurts me when people copy creations and are not ashamed of their deeds. You know what they can venture around the world quite well while we do all the hard work!! ;(

If you could just banish any one food, from the earth, what would it be?

Shells in wax.

I would like to banish all high fat snacks from the earth…they are the main culprits in kids developing bad diets. Carbonated drinks need no mentioning, I believe.

What’s the one super power you wish you had?


Hmm….If I had the power….I would extend the day 24+8 hours in a day possibly….. another 8 hours in my kitchen…that would be a dream come true!!! And yes, power to visit all my lovely bloggers kitchen 🙂

Pink-blue candle block.

Sayantani, I must say, I absoltely enjoyed this tagged questions series. Thanks a lot.

Handwoven candles.

And now, I am going to tag another 8 lots…so here is to you ladies:










7 thoughts on “Young bakers….and been tagged!!

  1. Gorgeous candles. Thats another very creative side of you. those shell and block candles are stunning. loved reading your answers and could connect in so many ways….

  2. You are indeed very talented. I loved all the art work in this post. Thanks for thinking of me. I feel really humbled. Good to know more about you.Happy New Year.

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