This Diwali I could hardly make any sweets and savouries…moving into a new place had consumed all my time and energy. A small parcel from Pune had, however given me respite. Yet, I wanted to make something at home…how in the world will my child know that Diwali is the time of festivities and yummy goodies. He loves Pedhas right from the day he started eating solid food. So I made this quick ones during this festival. They were not a hassle at all…and done in minutes.

I had prepared these earlier about 2 years back while working out options for mawa which Ruchira suggests. So I used the same recipe…which I shall share with you.

I used about 2 cups of milk powder

3/4 cup butter(unsalted)

1 can of condensed milk

Saffron/nuts like almond or pista

Thats it!!!

Mix them all in a microwave proof bowl and start cooking in a microwave. It takes about 4-5 minutes to cook. But make sure to stop the microwave at short intervals and stir. The mixture starts to thicken and becomes smooth and can easily be rolled. If it doesn’t come together put back the bowl in the microwave and cook for half a minute and check. Please make sure not to overcook as they might become rubbery in consistency and will not roll into balls.

Once rolled you may decorate the pedhas with nuts or saffron. Tada….they are ready!!!


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