Almond-Orange cream cookies

I love oranges and I love cream biscuits/cookies…I am sure as a kid you must have had those in your lunch boxes and spent some stolen moments licking the cream off the biscuits. I tried baking Almond-Orange cookies and Orange zested buttercream and some with royal icing(we all gobbled the Royal icing ones before I could have the images 😦 )


100 gms of plain flour

50 gms of butter(unsalted)

Baking powder 1 tsp

50 gms of almond powder(I bought a pack in one of the stores)

1 Orange zest

In a bowl mix the flour, butter, almond powder and orange zest. Work them together with your finger tips. This seems to come together as a dough. If doesn’t then use a dash of milk(cold) and work it into a very smooth dough. Cover it with a cling film and refridgerate it till you get your work place ready for rolling it. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees. Cover your work place with a cling film. Pick a part of the cookie dough and place another cling film and roll. Cut out small circles and place them on the baking sheet. Bake the cookies for 10-15 minutes till they change the colour(slightly golden brown). Cool the cookies on a cooling rack.

Butter cream:

1/2 cup of butter

3 table spoons of icing sugar

orange flovouring: 1/2 tsp

orange zest 1/2 tsp.

Mix them into a smooth cream and place them between the cookies baked and enjoy!!

For the royal icing:( I used a part of this icing for these cookies and the rest for my practice with swirl flowers etc)

4 cups of icing sugar

3 tablespoons of meringue powder

6 tablespoons of warm water.

Mix these all with an electric mixer on high till the paste is smooth. Use this icing as quickly as possible for the cookies as the icing hardens into candy-hard.


4 thoughts on “Almond-Orange cream cookies

  1. I dont know if its only me Preeti but I dont see your recent posts on the home page…everytime I come rushing here to check your new posts I get confused as where to look for.
    these cookies look deliciously cute…my son is going to love this.

    1. I am sorry Sayantani you are having issues going straight to the post….but I just checked from my husband’s subscription to this blog, he could go straight to the post. I will still check with someone, I am so sorry I am not a technica person 😦 . Thank for your comments abt the cookies

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