Berry Angel.

Whenever I walked around the frozen fruit section in the supermarkets, my thoughts always led me to either smoothies or yoghurts. It never ever occured that I could use them in my cakes…For a few days before C(our friend )  celebrated her birthday on the 18th November and I celebrated my wedding anniversary today, I was thinking of all the shades and hues of red. Too much of red in my buttercream was a no, no. Chocolate cakes…baked them n number of times. Plus I had those sleek red candles presented to me by my dear colleague R…they kept tempting me to the REDS… Out I sent my husband to fetch me those frozen berries and a pack of whipping cream. Freezing these beauties has enabled so many of us to enjoy them in the winter months! This time though my loving husband assembled the sponges with the fresh whipped cream….it was commendable. What say guys?


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