Butterfly:a spectrum of colours.

Prajapati, prajapati , kothai pele bhai emon rongin pakha? (where did you find those coloured wings,brother butterfly) . This Bengali song still lingers in my mind and ears inspite of so many years.  I remember singing this song as I played outside in the porch with my friends in Kolkata .We tried our best catching hold of one of those beautiful creatures. Never we could manage getting hold of any that I could mention. We would finish our play feeling all tired and do the same the next evening after school. It was fun fluttering around.  The butterflies were in abundance then. It is indeed a shame that we see a few species of these visual delights fluttering in any of our gardens.

I had a delightful time designing this butterfly cake, especially because it was for a little bubbly girl who fancies all the pinks and violets and barbie and princess stuff. I just loved it when she said”amar rainbow butterfly cake chai”(I want a rainbow butterfly cake). I checked my stock of colours and clearly gave her a green signal for the spectral decor for her birthday cake. Other decoration that I used was the pink and multicoloured smarties and the multicoloured jellytots which I purchased from the superstore. I bet I tried using all the colours but Indigo and Red. Instead of using these colours in the icing, I cut a butterfly  of rice paper and used edible ink pens to write the birthday message with blue and red to complete the spectrum!

This cake is a simple chocolate sponge carved out into a butterfly shape. The filling is chocolate buttercream and the rainbow coloured buttercream was used to decorate.


4 thoughts on “Butterfly:a spectrum of colours.

  1. lovely looking cake my dear….and u really deserved that award….congo on winning…and yah…u lemme know yaar…when can i come for bakery classes……

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