Rush-rush pineapple cake!!

I will never, ever forget this pineapple cake, as I rushed it’s completion in 1 hour’s time! This was for a mum from her daughter. I met this friend K at a birthday party last week…remember the circus cake? I met this lady at the same party.She said her mum loves pineapple cake and she is leaving on 30th Sept. to go back to India.

Normally,I bake only on weekends so that I have enough time to focus. This cake was required on Wednesday. Although my mind denied making this cake, yet my heart just jumped at the thought that it’s for a mum from her daughter. As I baked the cake, it clearly reminded me of my mum. I too would have been excited if Aai was here for her birthday. I kept the sponges ready the day before and decided to ice on Wednesday after work. Apart from fresh cream and pineapple, I poured all my love and affection into this vanilla sponge cake to make it special.  For all those who have been requesting methods for each of my cakes and decoration process. I am sorry I am so lazy. But I promise,  I shall write special posts during my half term break which are due in 3 weeks time.Please bear with me.


6 thoughts on “Rush-rush pineapple cake!!

  1. Preeti, thanks for leaving sweet comments on my blog and directing me to your world world of cakes! I love them all…as you must have figured out by now I too am mad about baking especially cakes. Love to decorate them as well 🙂
    Btw I couldnt help but notice that you have “The Dream Cakes” on your blog list 🙂 I know the author Ashwini so was just surprised 🙂

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