Visit to circus

This weekend I had a lovely time creating a circus cake.  As I baked the sponge all the fond memories of my childhood flooded in. What a grand time we had at the circus !

The circus tent was brightly illuminated with electric lights. There were seats arranged in a huge circle round a big open place where the animals were to show their tricks. A big crowd had assembled there. I was recalling all the thrills and excitement. The men riding the horses, and girls in riding-cloak with the band playing a dance tune. We cheered and cheered till we could cheer no more.
Then the elephants were brought in. they performed very funny tricks. One by one they crossed a narrow bridge. They stood upon their hind legs and danced. They stood in a row; one balancing its forelegs on the back of the next in front of him. Next there came three very clowns with painted faces.  They made us roar with laughter funny antics.
But the most wonderful part was to see the tame lions. It was really a splendid thing to see them do certain things unimaginable in actual life.  Then there were athletes who held us spell –bound with their gymnastic feats. Ah for my childhood and those wonderful visits to the circus….

 This is a chocolate sponge cake with chocolate buttercream filling. It has been iced with white buttercream and the circus tent with yellow and red buttercream. The best part were the derby clowns!!This cake was for a cute little toddler who turned 4 . It was such a pleasure watching the kid’s delighted face when he looked at the cake. This is what keeps me motivated, moreover baking and cake decoration works as a therapy for me. Come and visit this circus tent.

Sending the cake to Champa’s Bake Off .


10 thoughts on “Visit to circus

  1. Beautiful cake. It is not a must, but if you could update this post with the link to your cake recipe, I would be very happy. Thanks. I think I will post it under a decoration category.

  2. amazing cake. so neat work. loved circus as kids too. especially those Soviet circus that used to come in Maidan during winter. Baba broght us from Santiniketan to see those.
    want to see more of your work dear. post more and bigger pictures please.

  3. u r a super baker…..i jst love ur collection…..and this circus cake is really superb…yummy looking….jst let me know when can i come for bakery classes dear?

    1. Dear Chaitrali, thanks yar. drop in anytime
      Hema Aunty(Basanti :)) Thanks for your lovely comment.
      Sayantani, I know about the Russian circus at Maidan. I used to visit the one at Darga Rd, next to my school…M.B. Girls’. I tell you cake banabar shomay, nijer cheleke circus niye javar iche hochilo, but he is grown up now…
      Champa, I am a lazy potato, will surely link in a recipe to this one sometime coming weekend.

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