Birthday Love!

This is a birthday cake designed by my friend’s daughter. She turned 5 today and there is one special thing about her….this little girl shares her birthday with her dad!

Now this little cake designer decided to have a heart shape birthday cake. She asked her mum to convey the colours she wanted for her cake icing and the silver roses. Now, I am not very good at piping roses…still trying my best at every attempt. This is a chocolate sponge with chocolate buttercream. The cake is decorated with red buttercream and the inscriptions are in white. I didn’t like my roses one because I am still learning to pipe the best one’s and two because I didn’t quite do well with the silver I spread on it. The silver balls however gave a little OK look to this cake.

With Ganapati Puja at home and school work in full swing, I didn’t have enough time to focus on my baking and icing. Next time no weekday baking! Have a look and do not forget to comment. Best part however is the little designer liked it and had a lovely time licking her fingers! 🙂


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