House warming cake

This is the cake I baked for P and R and their two lovely children R and A. This was for their new house that they bought in Wales recently.

 P and R are our distant relatives and very good friends since we arrived in UK. I bought some Orchids for P on the eve of our travel. The colours of orchids were really dramatic and I wanted to create my buttercream with those shades. So the next morning, I decided to bake a cake for them and created my Orchid colours for this particular house-warming cake. The dowels(ladels etc) inserted were the best part of this cake. Although, I had created this piece for P my next worry(apart from our journey being delayed) was, the survival of the cake through out the 3.5 hours drive to Wales. I tried my best to hold the cake on my lap till we reached our destination. The buttercream had however, softened because of the heat(direct sunshine through my window). Anyways, have a look and do not forget to comment. It is a basic chocolate cake, with buttercream and strawberry jam filling.


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