Here is my gift to my loving husband who celebrated his birthday yesterday. A blackforest cake which he loves!! This time I prepared the cherry filling with fresh cherries. It turned out to be a very wonderful combination of soft chocolate sponge, cherries and whipped cream delight.

Cherry filling:

Fresh Cherries: washed and pitted 1 cup

Sugar:1/4 cup

Water:1/4 cup

Vanilla extract 1/2 tsp

Cornflour: 1 tablespoon(mix in a tablespoon of water

Cook the cherries and sugar in water till they are softened. Stir in the vanilla extract. Add the cornflour paste. The cherry filling thickens immediately.  Keep aside to cool.

Syrup: To make the syrup, I used a part of the cherry filling syrup and mixed it with a cup of water.

Whipping cream:Add a couple of tablespoon of icing sugar to the whipping cream(I used 1.5 packs of 284 ml) and whip till it is stiff and peaks are formed.

Chocolate shavings: Grate a bar of chocolate. Grate enough to spread onto the whole cake.

Sprinkle one part of chocolate sponge with the syrup. Do not sprinkle too much as it might make the cake soggy. Add a part of whipping cream and spread it on the sponge. Add the cherry filling and spread it over the creamed sponge. Place another sponge on top of this. Sprinkle the syrup on this too. Spread the whipping cream over the sponge and around the whole cake. Spread the chocolate shavings all over and by the sides of the cake. Pipe using the rest of the whipping cream and arrange fresh cherries. I bet this will not last long on your table! Here is slice of this delight. Have fun!!

This also goes to Shabitha’s Virtual Party-Chocolaty Dreams theme.


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