Cute little boss..

I baked this cake for our friends S and A who are expecting their first baby very soon. It was a last minute preparation from me. I baked a chocolate sponge and filled in buttercream icing and with fondant created a small blanket to write the message and added a pair of booties.

P, my son and I had fun chatting about the booties and thinking about the baby world. That swept me back to my baby’s arrival in the year 1998 and the happiness in our family. It was such a lovely moment when both I and R were mum and dad and not to mention those sleepless nights and cranky baby(frankly I too was cranky quite often), one pot meals and visiting the doctor for the immunizations! Gosh! Quite a lot mention, but yes, it’s the best moment in one’s life when your cute little bundle of joy joins in!

S and A ,best wishes to both of you and happy parenthood!


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