Live to Eat.

Here is a glimpse of my gastronomy tour through Europe.Please click on the pictures for a better view.
I have been away from my blog, cell phone and kitchen for good 9 days. Visiting the Treasures of Europe and enjoying the best holiday with my family. As our tour guide helped us with the history, scenery and architecture of each location, I decided not to stick to the most tried and obvious things around. As others were clicking the monuments and checking some souvenirs, I used my simple Sony erricsson cellphone to click these pictures for my blog. I was craning to taste Blackforest cake in Blackforest region. I managed buying and clicked a few pictures as R and P went to the till to pay. I wish I could get hold of shops selling sour cherries and Kirsch. We were lucky to walk through the summer festival in Geneva, where thousands of people thronged to relish at various food and drink stalls. I clicked at the stall selling different types of cocktails stored in beautiful, tall cocktail glasses. Some pictures I clicked in the narrow shopping alleys of Venice and others in when relishing the Gelato Italiano with waffle biscuits! I even clicked some lovely marzipan fruits and fishes.I bought some interesting pasta.It is amazing to see the different types of pasta in display at various local shops. They are absolutely different and I had never ever seen such varieties of muccheroni and fusilli and spaghetti….there some in black as well. Wait till I click and add the picture of my purchase to this post!


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