I still cherish my work with Aai making those fancy flares. Wish I had 48 hours in a day and my lovely kitchen to carry on making those delightful candles. This post is specially to recall all my wax work. 

 Gosh! do I remember myself creating the wax bowls!  They must have broken half a score times atleast, before I could master them. With Tea lights in, the wax bowl gave a lovely lantern effect. Perfect for dinner tables.

Then I made those blocks with sea shells for cooler sea effect. I had a combination of blue and shells, for a calm and relaxed sight-cut a piece of sea for me. Some more blocks I made and named them blue House! Or pink House!! perfect for kids rooms. Remembering customising them as per the room.

I had wax embellished heart for the loved ones for that right occasion. I liked the orange heart (collage)though…funny isn’t it. Well, I thought orange depicted pleasure and joy.

The flares with pores needed quite a lot of practice, but I enjoyed those as well. It was lovely to watch the light through the pores. Some I made red for passion and warmth, others green for well being.

The most memorable bit was when the whole family joined in to make the handmade long, tapering and twisted ones!

And yes, those cute little gel packs in glass. Designed with warli paintings, Gel wax and great aroma! Personalised, perfect as a corporate gift. I shall try and get the picture of those….need to go hunting back to friends. I hope they have one. For Diwali I made some fancy kundan work  candles for festival season. Hey, I have kept the masala candle in the centre of my collage…perfect for kitchens!! Oh! for my kitchen and Oh! for my lovely candles! Sob..Sob!


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