My inspirations….

Inspiration and genius–one and the same.
Victor Hugo
As I am trying to get hold of all the nuances of blog writing, I would like to dedicate this special blog to all the bloggers who inspire me.
Nupur, from onehotstove inspired me the most. She has such lovely collection of recipes. I enjoyed the A-Z of marathi food. Actually, my whole family just enjoyed it.
Anupama, fromfood-n-more inspired me to start thinking about food. I started enjoying cooking.
Sandeepa, from bongcookbook inspires me a lot too. When I visit her blog, it reminds me of my childhood. It is so nostalgic and I almost smell the aroma and taste of Bong food which I used to relish. Sandeepa jano tomar recipe gulo pode, Kolakatar amar anek dida, masheer hather ranna mone pode. Thanks a dozen!!
Ashwini from thedreamcakes inspired me to bake and decorate.

Thanks a lot ladies!!!


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