Indian craft patterns

Crafts are an integral part in the life of an Indian, despite the rapid social and technological changes that are taking place. There is a timeless quality in Indian craft objects, for they have evolved over centuries and continue to be made even today with the same sentiment.
There are three main classifications of crafts.
• Folk crafts
• Religious crafts
• Commercial crafts.
One can find many symbols in our culture and some very common ones in our handicrafts. I have used fabric, sequens and a regular canvas to create common patterns. I conducted a session at the Open Learning Centre. The aim was to explore Indian craft patterns mainly a peacock and an elephant pattern on various handicrafts. We discussed all the types of handicrafts,mainly embroidery, bandhani, batik, block print, patchwork, ivory work, marble inlay, pottery both glazed and unglazed, bronze work, dokra, wood and cane work, sandalwood work, leather, terracotta, gold and silver work. Folk and tribal paintings like Madhubani and Warli paintings too were discussed. I had a lovely display of sarees, rangoli, mats and all my handicraft collection. I am so proud of our rich heritage. The session was fantastic and one more is coming up in the next term.


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