Sheera / Suji Halwa

To start this section of my blog, I am posting a sweet dish, ravyacha Sheera aka sooji ka halwa, shujir haluwa …so on and so forth in our sweet Indian languages. No meal is complete without a sweet dish, as sweet is one of the five basic tastes and is regarded very pleasurable universally. I can’t resist the rich,pleasurable taste that is sweet….I mean have a higher threshold for sucrose.  I shall be posting all the dishes that I churn out of my kitchen very soon.

So here’s to my sheera recipe…

Rava(Semolina) 1 cups

Sugar 3/4 cups

Clarified butter 3 tablespoons

Water/ milk approx. 1 cups(I like making my sheera in milk)

Dry fruits like sliced almonds, cashewnuts halved and raisins(add as little or more you like)

Saffron a pinch.

Cardomom powder a pinch.

1.Roast the rava with the clarified butter in a heated pan till it releases a lovely aroma and is lightly gold in colour.

2. Heat the milk/ water in the microwave/stove.

3.Pour it in the roasted semolina and add crushed saffron, cardomom powder as well. Let it cook with a cover on the pan.

4.Lower the heat. Stir in the sugar and cover it with lid for a couple of minutes. This time will give it the right consistensy.

5. Add the dry fruits, mix well and cover. Sheera is ready to serve.

Tip: Mash up a banana and stir it in while its hot…it tastes yum..m…y. Mine is doning a couple of basil leaves in the picture posted.


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