Methi mania

Whatever is good for your soul… Do that! And we had a soul food Sunday with a spread predominantly made with fenugreek in two forms. Methi is seeds form for dal and leaves form for the vegetable side. … More Methi mania

Jwarichya Kharodya: Great in between meal munchies

Jwarichya kharodya: When in between meal munchies is what one craves for one would possibly grab a pack of biscuits, crisps or even chocolate bar. A fruit or a cereal bar is called for to make it healthy. Ajji or all the all the elders for that matter have always been mentioning on intelligent snacking. … More Jwarichya Kharodya: Great in between meal munchies

Anaarse Saga

Here is my journey from 2009 till 2016 with my chase for perfect, traditional anaarsa in my English Kitchen. The photographs are an evidence of my learning journey as a blogger! I hope you enjoy this wee excerpt from my diary! … More Anaarse Saga

Peanuts Mysore

This is a quick dessert prepared when short of ideas. Peanuts in the pantry play a quick respite to churn out the most delectable, fluffiest and crumbly sweet. This recipe is inspired from Kamalabai Ogale’s Ruchira.

Bataase: Sugar drops

When I checked for Bataase in the Asian stores….They were available packed in plastic containers. However on checking carefully, I noticed that more than half of Batase were crumbled in the container!! I dropped the idea of buying them. Instead decided to make them at home. Here they are slightly thin, but were good enough … More Bataase: Sugar drops