Ruchira Videshini, cooking through Ruchira cookbook.

Ruchira is a collection of recipes collated together by Late Kamalabai Ogale. There are great many recipes mainly traditional Marathi recipes and a few recipes from other States of India namely, Gujarat and Bengal are also included in the book. If you haven’t gor a copy of Ruchira please do grab one . Inspired by … More Ruchira Videshini, cooking through Ruchira cookbook.

Traditional pickles

Happy Sankranti to one and all!  I never got a chance to mention about the special people who have always wanted to groom the cook in me. I posted this collage on International Chefs Day on facebook. However, I missed out on writing about it. Hence sharing it on this auspicious day of Sankranti. I … More Traditional pickles

Review Diwali Hamper from ASDA

  उद्या पासून दिवाळी. दोन पणत्या दारात… आठवणीच्या काढते रांगोळी.. फराळाची परात, तोरण-कंदील ही दारात. माणसे मात्र जीवाची, जपली उरात. उद्या पासून दिवाळी. दोन पणत्या दारात… Ever since we moved to the UK, we have always missed our near and dear ones especially on all the festive occasions. Home, our parents, sibling and friends now … More Review Diwali Hamper from ASDA ideal remedy for unexplained holiday hunger pangs. 

Sushila…An apt nyahari in a Marathi family I would say!! Not sure how this particular preparation got it’s name from but certainly is an interesting one!  We have had it loads of times during our summer break at ajji’s place.  Now couple of years back, yes this post has been pending since then…N mavshi joined … More ideal remedy for unexplained holiday hunger pangs. 

Ghol limbu(Lime pickle)

My mother-in-law always mentions about her  Sasubai(mother-in-law) … ajjini maathat khade meeth ani limba ashich thevun, gholun kele hote lonche. Diwsa daha-bara vela.. Maath potyavar thevun gholun thevun dyaychya. (Ajji placed the limes with rock salt in a clay pot. She would roll the pot on a hassian cloth 10-12 times during the day). Ajji … More Ghol limbu(Lime pickle)

Anaarse Saga

Here is my journey from 2009 till 2016 with my chase for perfect, traditional anaarsa in my English Kitchen. The photographs are an evidence of my learning journey as a blogger! I hope you enjoy this wee excerpt from my diary! … More Anaarse Saga

Methi mania

Whatever is good for your soul… Do that! And we had a soul food Sunday with a spread predominantly made with fenugreek in two forms. Methi is seeds form for dal and leaves form for the vegetable side. … More Methi mania